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Le Vivier Golf Course

Something of a technical course with two doglegs, the second and the third and quite a lot of water. Bunkers, on the other hand, are rare.

Of the short holes, the fourth is a dodgy shot out of a narrow neck of woodland onto a green with a nasty vertical drop behind and water to left and right. The sixth is an uphill shot onto an elevated green where it is only too easy to see your ball roll back into one of the few effective bunkers on the course and the eighth is an easy shot if you don't get it 10 yards too short, into the water, or ten yards too far into inpenatrable bush.

The dogleg third needs a good 200 yd drive if you are to get a view of the green. A touch shorter and with a high wood you might get it over the beeches... or not!

The third, fifth and ninth tee off with out of bounds woodland to the right. Two strokes lost on at least one is almost the norm for the high handicap player.

The golfer interested in natural history will find compensation for his lost balls in the observation of herons, coypu and terrapins all of which feel that magnetic attraction of water which the golf ball too is prone to.